Euro OES Show 2024


Hämeenlinna, Finland

EUREURO OES SHOW is for bobtail people event of the year. TentIt was in Finland this year. The judge of the show was renound judge and bobtail’s breeder Mrs Barbara Müller from Swiss.

Our boys Humphrey Bogart Shaggy Edition Bogy – (owner Katarína Kapustová) and Jean Marais Shaggy Edition were in excellent competition in champion class Excellent and they got nice critiques from judge.

Kate Middleton Shaggy Edition Katy won the open class, she was awarded CQ – Certificate Quality, Excellent and she finished the third Best Bitch and res. CAC for Finish champion.

Starshine of Reality Dream Yulka was awarded in very strong champion class in the fourth place Excellent and CQ – Certificate Quality from judge in competition 12 bitches.