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Bobtails from Slovakia

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There was a picture of bobtail hanging on our fridge for many years.

How it all started

We promised to ourselves that one day we would have one. When the time came, we started to inquire where we could get such a dog. We went to shows, looked at and petted all the bobtails that we could get our hands on. We researched breeders until we finally decided on a breeder from Austria since there were no breeding stations operating in Slovakia at that time. However, we would still have to wait for two more years before we found our dream bitch. Her name was Shany – officially Barking Bobby’s Shania Twain. We started to learn how to live with a dog, how to maintain a bobtail coat, we attended the first exhibitions. Everything was so new and unknown to us. That’s why we appreciated every piece of advice we got from our breeder Shany and now we are very happy to pass it on to other owners of our dogs.

We have since traveled to many countries in Europe, met other breeders and owners of bobtails in Europe and around the world.

With Tony we got to travel all around Europe.

Our Dogs

Our first female was Shany – Barking Bobby’s Shania Twain.

She was the mother of three litters. We had our first puppies in 2009. There were 10 of them – 7 boys and 3 girls. We kept two dogs from this litter – Arthur (Arthur Hailey Shaggy Edition) and Tony (Anthony Quinn Shaggy Edition). With Tony, we got to travel all around Europe. He qualified for 12 national championships and for the title of international beauty champion.


Starshine of Reality Dream


SnowDowne Special for Europe Shaggy Edition


Kate Middleton Shaggy Edition


Jean Marais Shaggy Edition


Elton John Shaggy Edition

We live in west of Slovakia.

Where we live

The seventh largest city in Slovakia, Trnava is the center and the seat of the lower Považie region. It is where history meets with modern atmosphere.

It is the oldest free royal city in Slovakia and the city center was declared a heritage site in 1987. Boasting dozens of churches, it is also known as the little Rome. The city center is surrounded by medieval walls with a tower, originally built as a watchtower during the Turkish invasions, rising above Trojičné (Trinity) square. It is also the home of one of Slovakia’s oldest universities.

There are many places around the city where you can go for a walk or a trip. You can relax and unwind in Kamenny Mlyn with ponds brimming with birds. The Lesser Carpathians with their tourist attractions lie within 20 km.

Trnava is also a city of football thanks to its football club Spartak Trnava, Slovak national champion.

The most prestigious dog exhibitions

Fulfilled dreams

As we gained experience in grooming and exhibiting bobtails, our successes at shows also increased. They say that appetite grows with eating.

Out of the spotlight we traveled on and on. Every exhibitor’s dream is to participate in the legendary Crufs exhibition in England. Equipped with patience, we were finally able to realize this dream.

Participating is one thing, standing on the podium is another. We do not settle, judge yourself!

Crufts 2021 Elton John Shaggy Edition
Crufts 2019
ELTON JOHN Shaggy Edition - Open class First prize, Best Dog Challenge Certificate, R. BOB.
BIS 2019 Elton John Shaggy Edition
ELTON JOHN Shaggy Edition.